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Things you need to know about Clenbuterol

Posted by Steroids on October 2, 2021 at 9:15 PM

Clenbuterol Hydrochloride is a beta-2 agonist used in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory illnesses. It works by relaxing the smooth muscles of the airways to provide relief from asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema.


Some body builders use this drug as a steroid alternative or as a "bridge" between cycles. While it does have some anabolic qualities, it's not typically used for that purpose because there are steroids that do not cause water retention which will provide more pronounced mass increases on cycle.


The interesting relationship with clenbuterol and bodybuilders is with its ability to help them lose body fat while retaining lean muscle tissue. In fact, many competitive natural bodybuilders include clenbuterol in their contest preparation plans.


The most notable benefit that an asthmatic can experience from clenbuterol is the increased ability to breathe more deeply and fully. This in itself can mean a lot in terms of quality of life because it's harder to enjoy physical activities when you're struggling just to take a breath every once in awhile. One problem with asthma prescriptions, though, is that they are so often used as "just in case" medicines instead of being taken daily when needed.


Another benefit for non-asthmatics using clen is the appetite suppression effect. Many people claim they don't even notice it but if you find yourself snacking less between regular meals then it might be affecting you too. It's an extremely common "side effect" of clenbuterol use.


Muscle preservation is another benefit that you don't typically find in most asthma medications and is often the reason that bodybuilders choose to take it in between cycles. By taking clenbuterol, they can burn fat more easily while retaining muscle mass instead burning muscle tissue when dieting. This is especially helpful for those who are following a calorie-restricted diet and also trying to enhance their physical performance with intensive weight training or cardio workouts.


HGH release is actually one of the ways that clenbuterol works with helping users lose excess body fat. Since an increase in GH results in lipolysis (fat) and decreased fat storage, the drug is also considered a metabolic enhancer.


As with most anabolic and thermogenic steroids, clenbuterol is incredibly effective for muscle-building purposes when used in the off-season. The anabolic effects are synergistic to other steroids which can increase testosterone levels while preventing catabolism at the same time. This means that you will recover faster between workouts, experience less muscle soreness, cut down on recovery time between your training sessions, and generally be able to train harder and more often.


Clenbuterol helps bodybuilders make lean gains by increasing their definition because it keeps them dryer while retaining water-soluble nutrients inside their muscles instead of under the skin or in their bloodstream. This allows users to compete at a much lower body fat percentage without losing muscle size.


Many people experience unpleasant side effects when they take clenbuterol or most other asthma medications, but they are most frequently associated with overuse instead of the normal therapeutic dosages being taken for their intended purposes.


One very common problem is nausea which can be caused by the medication itself or the blood pressure changes that accompany it. Other side effects include insomnia, headaches, tremors, irregular heartbeats, high or low blood pressure, and restlessness. These symptoms usually subside after being on the drug for 2-3 weeks though this varies between users. There are some precautions you should take too before trying clenbuterol or any beta agonist for that matter.


Although clenbuterol has proven to be extremely safe when used properly, there are some contraindications that should be taken into consideration before using it. Pregnant women and children under 18 should not use the medication because it can lead to stunted growth in adolescents and birth defects in infants. If you have cardiovascular problems or heart disease then you should not take clenbuterol either because it can make these conditions much worse.    People with low blood pressure must also be careful since beta agonists like clenbuterol will raise your blood pressure even further, which could be dangerous if already at a low level. 


If you're interested in trying out clenbuterol for yourself, you need to also understand that it stays in your system for approximately 2 days. This means you'll need to schedule your cycles accordingly so that the positive effects will be present at the time of your event, whether it's a competition or simply an important date like an anniversary or birthday.    Clenbuterol is legal to obtain without any prescriptions but has not yet been approved for human use by the FDA though it can legally be prescribed as asthma treatment in some countries.


The majority of clenbuterol users take between 20-120 mcg per day, depending on their goals and what other medications they are taking concurrently (since there could be synergistic effects). Lower doses should only be taken every other day while higher ones may require daily dosing.


Users have reported very little if any side effects when using the therapeutic dosage of 20 mcg per day for no longer than 3 weeks, but this is taking clenbuterol alone, not in combination with other medications.   To avoid dealing with the aforementioned problems, most people are advised to start off at 40 mcg per day for 2-3 days then taper down to 20 mcg every other day. This way your body has time to adapt to the medication and minimize potential side effects.    If you experience none whatsoever during this initial period then you can increase your dose or take it daily since chances are good that it will run smoothly.


For the purposes of fat-loss clenbuterol use can be initiated at a daily dosage of 40 mcg and continued for 2-3 weeks. At the conclusion of this time you will most likely be in great shape but if not, give yourself another week or two at the maximum before taking a break from using clenbuterol altogether.   You can begin taking it again anytime within the next 4-6 months and continue your cycle uninterrupted since clenbuterol has such a short half-life.


As we noted earlier, for mass promotion purposes many people decide to stack their medications with other compounds so there is no reason why clenbuterol cannot be combined as well, though you should know that it is one of those drugs that does not need to be stacked. In fact combining it with other substances could do more harm than good and you'd be best advised to use clenbuterol on its own during the 12-week period.


Clenbuterol also has a significant impact on your metabolic rate and it increases the amounts of both free and bound thyroid hormones in your body, which stimulate metabolism. This is why people who engage in prolonged cycles of clenbuterol often report an increase in appetite (due to the higher metabolic demand) as well as increased energy levels throughout the day. The reason for this is that by raising T3 levels you increase oxygen consumption by tissues, organs, and muscles since they all require oxygen to burn fuel (calories). Not only will your body's resting metabolism be raised but so too will its overall activity level.


Doing cardio on clenbuterol is much easier since you will be able to exercise longer due to the added oxygen in your bloodstream and this benefit alone can lead to an improved cardiovascular system over time.


While clenbuterol is excellent for fat-loss these results are not permanent, which means that if stopped suddenly your muscles will begin storing fat again at their regular pace. Even worse, several studies have shown that continuous use of beta 2 stimulants leads to down regulation of beta receptors in skeletal muscle tissue (reducing the effectiveness of future doses) as well as adrenergic receptor mutations after only 3 weeks! This is why it's crucial for users never take clenbuterol continuously or for extended periods of time. Abruptly discontinuing its use will also lead to a rapid loss of all fat-loss benefits, possibly even faster than they were accrued.


Therefore it is recommended that clenbuterol cycles never exceed 4-6 weeks in length and for this reason you should make sure you take a 4 week break before using it again (or else suffer the consequences). However, if you must engage in an 8-12 week cycle make sure to take at least a 12 week break beforehand; otherwise your results will be greatly diminished.


Clenbuterol stacks extremely well with other fat burners like cytomel/T3 or ephedrine hydrochloride since these agents promote thermogenesis without significantly augmenting the stimulant effects of clenbuterol. In fact, most bodybuilders prefer using cytomel rather than ephedrine since it is easier on the heart and doesn't lead to a rapid increase in blood pressure.


For women, who may be very hesitant about using clenbuterol for fear of virilization symptoms (i.e., deepening voice, clitoral enlargement, etc.), can rest assured that such side-effects are extremely rare and when they do occur they only become apparent when doses exceed 240 mcg per day over prolonged periods of time (6-12 weeks). Since experienced female users take no more than 120 mcg daily and cycle for only 4-6 weeks at a time their chances of developing any virilization symptoms are minimal. However, if a woman does experience any type of adverse reaction she should discontinue clenbuterol immediately to avoid further complications from occurring.

Clenbuterol is not only popular among athletes and bodybuilders for fat loss but also as a performance enhancer that can increase sprinting ability as well as aerobic capacity. In fact, the 2008 Jamaican track team was kicked out of the Olympics after their sprinters tested positive for this drug. Therefore, before you take any form of clenbuterol think twice about whether it's worth potentially being thrown out of your sport or losing a career opportunity because you made a poor decision!

Another reason why many athletes love clenbuterol is due to its ability to dramatically reduce recovery time between training sessions, which is beneficial in the off-season when you are trying to pack on muscle mass. As opposed to most other fat burners this drug does not suppress appetite either so the risk of developing an eating disorder is much lower when using clenbuterol compared with something like ephedrine.

Additional benefits of taking clenbuterol include: Decreased blood pressure Increased red blood cell count Higher body temperature Reduction in LDL cholesterol levels Quicker recovery from fatigue/exhaustion Promotion of lipolysis (the breaking down of stored triglyceride fats into free fatty acids for energy) No reported side effects or potential long-term damage to health due to use.

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